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Studio: Corbin Fisher
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Run Time: 98
Director: Corbin Fisher
Cast: Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Year Produced: 2013
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UPC: 094922948601
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Corbin Fisher has long been known for featuring the hottest, young, American college men in the most intense, guy-on-guy sex. With Magna Cum Loudly, Corbin Fisher Assembles its top talent in 6 of the most hardcore, deep-fucking, cum-blasting scenes, showing off how our young college studs all earn top marks in all-male action. Big dicks, tight holes. hungry mouths, and ripped and muscular bodies all come together to teach viewers a lesson on just how sexy America's hottest college men can be!

Product Scenes

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

I don't think I'm over-hyping when I say this one is insanely hot. Rising star Aiden fucks Travis. Connor jumps in. Plus, there's 5 minutes of raw, fun, behind-the-scenes footage of them in-between takes. If I was in Vegas, I'd say we hit the jackpot!

Aiden's back and I tell him about how popular his big-tag video was. I tease Travis a little about his recent run of topping videos. "Yeah, I get confused sometimes," he laughs. His laughter is contagious and Aiden laughs too, before they start kissing.

With someone as built as Aiden, while you can tell he's buff with his shirt on, it's when the shirt comes off, that people fully REACT. And Travis definitely reacts! He asks Aiden to flex that huge bicep for him. "You like that?" Aiden asks, almost surprised.

I think part of what makes Aiden so endearing is that modesty. And he never fails to compliment his partners on their bodies and how great they make him feel. He sure was raised right! Travis licks Aiden's feet, then pulls that giant cock out of Aiden's shorts.

Travis shows Aiden he knows what to do with a giant cock. He sucks it hard and makes Aiden moan. When Travis asks if Aiden's ever played with another guy's cock before, he says no. Aiden turns around and sucks his first cock right then and there!

Travis strokes their cocks together and they kiss. Now Aiden's ready to have Travis ride his huge dick. Travis straddles him. It takes even an experienced guy like Travis a moment to work his way down that pole. "You're tight as hell! Oh my god!" Aiden says.

Travis rides that dick like he's sliding the rail (I think that's what he calls one of those skateboard tricks he likes to do). Aiden wants to fuck him doggy style, so Travis gets on all fours. Aiden pounds him.

In one of those beautiful spontaneous moments, Travis almost growls as he grabs Aiden's hip to shove him in even deeper and says "Fuck me!" Travis arches up to take every inch. Travis' cock is so hard and he yells with almost every thrust. "Yeah, fuck that ass!" he begs.

"I like hearing you scream," Aiden says. I'm not sure who wouldn't scream with so much meat stuffed in them. Connor, naked and filming with camera 2, stays in frame, and is rock hard as he shoots these two going at it. I tell him to go ahead and jump in.

Aiden fucks Travis missionary-style. Connor tells Travis to ride his cock after Aiden's opened him up. Connor jackhammers him as Aiden sticks his huge dick down Travis' throat. Travis is a lucky, lucky boy to get so much cock at one time!

Connor and Aiden switch places. Travis's cock may have never been so hard! Connor jerks Travis' dick as he rides Aiden. Travis blasts a huge load into Connor's mouth, who slurps it down. Travis is delirious with ecstasy.

Aiden pulls out and Connor takes a second huge load in his mouth. Travis says he can't feel his legs anymore. I'm not surprised! Travis and Aiden kiss and then Travis sucks Connor off. Connor shoots his load into Travis' mouth â€" and that makes Aiden shoot again!!

Connor, Aiden and Travis kiss, and Travis sucks the last drops of cum from both their cocks.

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

This one was a fun one to film, in no small part because it's always fun watching Logan break in a new CF stud and be the one to first introduce them to guy/guy fun.

But another reason it was fun to film is that Ian was convinced the entire video would be a disaster. He was convinced it would take hours to film because he would not get aroused in the slightest. He wasn't sure he'd be able to get hard at all and, even if he did, didn't think he could ever cum from having a guy blow him. It's not uncommon for our straight studs to feel this way and warn us about how badly they'll do when getting off with a guy for the first time. What these guys don't know is that we know what we're doing here, and Logan most definitely knows what he's doing! ;)

Ian finds that out pretty quick in this video, and while you could tell he was having tons of fun with his guy/girl vids over on ACS, you could also tell he was pretty blown away but how good it felt to have Logan blowing him in this one! Don't ever doubt the skill of a master like Logan!! hehe.

Obviously being straight and agreeing to let another guy get you off is no trivial matter. But we see again and again here on CF that once over the mental hurdle of being willing to give it a shot in the first place, a young and ready college cock doesn't need a lot of convincing to figure out what it likes and what makes it feel good and those feelings quickly take over so that, beyond just his hard cock, it's also his mind being blown by it all!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

This is a special, bonus update for all of our fans! This scorching hot video, featuring Derek and Travis, was shot quite awhile back to be released at Bel Ami's site as part of the launch of our exchange and collaboration. We'd heard from a number of CF fans who wanted to get the chance to see this video here at CF, though, and agreed that it was certainly something that had to be included on the site!

After all, it's an insanely intense update! The sex is awesome, and Travis and Derek look great together! The fucking is nothing short of incredible, as you'd expect when pairing these two guys up!

This video also features something else worthy of note - a hands-free cumshot from Travis! This action scene was filmed around the same time Travis got fucked by Josh and we saw him blow a load, hands-free, for the first time! Imagine our thrill when he managed to do that here, as well!

So, sit back and enjoy this hot, bonus update now being made to all of CF's fans, right here!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

After Trey's first experience with another guy, where he fucked Matt, I asked him what he thought about it all. By that point, he'd only agreed to try topping and was still not sold on the idea of letting another guy fuck him. You know I was pretty determined to see him do more, though, and so wanted to see if his mind had changed about bottoming after he'd had a chance to witness another guy doing it up close.

Trey was still unconvinced, though. He confessed, as well, that fucking another guy was harder than he expected it would be! Here's this straight guy who could get any girl he wants, has done a fair amount of mainstream professional modeling (not hard to see how, with that tall and defined body and dark and chiseled features), and so there seemed no overly compelling reason to get fucked.

"Some guys say it's almost easier to bottom for the first time than it is to top for the first time," I mentioned to him. That's indeed true, and something I've heard plenty of CF's studs say.

His eyes got wide at that and I could see that not only sparked his curiosity, but also caught him a bit off guard. Going on to explain how so many guys also discovered they thoroughly enjoyed it - every straight stud has fucked a girl when they get to CF, and most have fucked girls in the ass at that, but they practically never arrive having any idea their own ass could offer up so much pleasure and fun - also definitely got his interest. He'd never been fucked, never gotten to experience those great sensations, and had yet to discover just how great his own ass could be made to feel during sex that there was no better time to try!

He decided to go ahead and give it a go, and thankfully Connor was around to break him in!

These guys are an ideal pairing - both tall, built and extremely good looking. They compliment each other quite well, while also contrasting one another perfectly. Connor's got the blond hair, blue eyes and smooth body, Trey the darker features and body hair.

So... how did Trey take to it? Well... pretty damn well, in fact! He's a playful and easygoing guy, so already had the right kind of personality for the occasion. I think he just decided to have as much fun with it as possible, and there are points early on where he can't hide his smile, can't help but chuckle a bit, and he and Connor have some great exchanges.

Once it got to the action, though, I think he really started to realize just how hot it could be to let another guy take control of you. After sucking on Trey for awhile, Connor moves around to fuck Trey's mouth and Trey goes along with it and is even extremely turned on by it.

When it comes time for Connor to fuck Trey, both of these guys are totally ready for what's about to happen. I have to say, though, that there were times I thought to myself, "Is Connor hurting him?". Connor has a big dick, and he wastes no time in not only getting it deep inside Trey, but also thrusting in and out, good and hard. Trey is moaning and groaning and almost yelling at times, and his noises were so loud and intense that I got a bit worried!

Once he started to say "Oh yeah!!" in the midst of all those noises, though, any worries were put to rest! He was loving every bit of it!

With Connor's dick pounding his ass, Trey ends up having what he later confessed to be one of his most intense orgasms ever. You can see it while he cums, in fact - he is totally overwhelmed by it. What made this action stand out to me all the more, though, was how Trey is more than willing - eager, in fact - to let Connor keep fucking him even after Trey's already cum. He flips over on to his stomach, Connor buries his dick back in him, and the guys fuck some more before it's Connor's turn to blow his load. Notice just what a kick Trey was getting out of feeling Connor's cum land all over his back and ass, as well!

If we were just getting guys to try getting fucked for the first time at CF, that would be fun and kind of neat. But that we're seeing them discover just how much they thoroughly like it? That's what I really enjoy about it! :)

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

To say that Austin really enjoyed his first couple experiences at bottoming would be a tremendous understatement. Indeed, as it was clearly obvious in his bottoming vids, he loved it!

Austin is definitely a guy that went into trying out bottoming a bit hesitant and not quite sure it'd be that much fun. He'd mentioned to me, in fact, that the money was really the only reason he'd considered it in the first place. Lo and behold, however, once he had a dick in his ass he found himself experiencing physical pleasure he never knew was possible and loving every bit of it!

That's the case here, again, as Lucas has his turn at Austin's ass! You know as well as I do that when Lucas fucks, he doesn't hold anything back! He likes to fuck hard, fast and deep and many a CF stud has been on the receiving end of a furiously hot pounding from Lucas! The gym is a fitting place for these two studs to have at it. Both of them have amazingly worked out bodies that are really put on display here, Lucas fucks Austin on the bench in front of the lockers. Austin's facial expressions are on display throughout this video, and they leave no doubt Lucas' dick is doing wonders on his hole. There's also no shortage of up-close looks at Lucas' rockhard cock driving in and out of Austin's ass!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S MAGNA CUM LOUDLY, Corbin Fisher, Aiden, Travis, Ian, Logan, Derek, Trey, Connor, Austin, Zeke, Dylan, Lucas

There's been a whole lot of hot things happening with cum here at CF lately. As funny as that sounds, it's an observation I could not have helped but make after this pairing. Among other things, there was Travis' spectacular, hands-free cumshot when he was getting fucked by Josh. Further, when Zeke fucked Travis, he couldn't help but cum almost as soon as they started fucking - and then continue to fuck Travis and blow another load! Over at ACS, TJ shot two massive loads while Teasing Dylan. Those are just a couple examples of all the cum flying everywhere as of late.

The action here involves yet another instance of an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise with cum! And it's Zeke doing it again, as well!

The prospect of seeing smaller-framed Dylan take on Zeke's big dick was a pretty exciting one, to say the least. There's no doubt Dylan enjoys getting fucked and this was certainly going to be the biggest dick he's taken on so far. He seemed more than eager for that and ready to give it a shot.

As things get going here, the guys just can't stop making out as they jerk each other off. The kissing is deep and passionate, and it was another one of those situations where I almost wondered whether they'd remember to move on to the fucking at all! Eventually, they were able to break their kisses and get into a hot 69, with Zeke sucking Dylan's hard cock while Dylan returned the favor on Zeke's big dick.

There's no doubt the guys were turned on and having a hot time here! Dylan was doing a masterful job working over Zeke's dick - so much so that, out of nowhere, Zeke ends up cumming! Watch as I scramble to capture it on camera! I'm zoomed into Zeke's face as he sucks Dylan's dick, and you see him suddenly start to squint and almost get this strained look on his face. He quickly lays back and grabs his cock and gives it a couple quick strokes before shooting a load all over his abs. Dylan really got a kick out of that, despite almost not knowing what to make of it all at first! As hot as that was, seeing Dylan start to lick Zeke's balls as Zeke's cumming was a pretty hot sight!

We'd seen Zeke cum while fucking Travis and yet have no problem staying hard and continuing to fuck him. The same thing happens here, as Dylan asks Zeke if he's still up for fucking him (I don't think Dylan had any intention of passing up that opportunity, early cumshot or no!). Zeke's more than ready, and we're soon treated to the image of Dylan bent over the side of the bed, Zeke's big cock splitting his ass. Dylan's own' dick is as hard as can be, pressed down on the mattress, as Zeke plugs his hole.

It's all Dylan can do to moan and groan, "Oh fuck!" as Zeke drills him. He looks like he definitely loves every single inch of Zeke's dick, and Zeke is loving Dylan's hole as he moans, "Oh yeah!" and grunts and pants.

As they move around to where Dylan's on his back, legs in the air, with Zeke fucking him, Dylan declares it's his turn to shoot and fires a load up and all over his chest. Buy now, Zeke was ready to cum a second time, and shoots all over Dylan's chest as well!

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