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Studio: Corbin Fisher
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Run Time: 123
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Corbin Fisher
Cast: Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Year Produced: 2012
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TIME FOR FRESHMAN ORIENTATION! Corbin Fisher collects six of their hottest freshman's first guy-on-guy action scenes! Josh, Zeke, Troy, Hayden, Elijah and Cole get their initiation from sexy upperclassmen Travis, Derek, Jared, Jeff and Lucas. It's a hot new course of study for theses young men - and they exceed all expectations!

Product Scenes

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Cole's First Time (with Derek)

I've been looking forward to this video for awhile!

As you know, I had a ton of fun filming Cole's intro solo video. He was so lively, turned on, engaging and fired up that his presence on camera was great. He practically fogged up the camera lenses with his energy as he played with himself and, clearly, his viewers!

So, I couldn't wait to see how he'd take to getting into action with a guy for the first time. It wasn't an easy thing to make happen, as he took quite a bit of convincing! Eventually, though, he decided he was up for giving it a shot and I knew there was only one guy that should be his first - Derek!

These two studs have quite a bit in common - they both spend as much time as possible playing basketball and totally love the sport and, more important to what we're interested in, have shown themselves to be quite lively on camera!

Once the action got started, Cole didn't disappoint. While he was clearly nervous at the outset, the horny, sex-loving part of him eventually took ever. His face doesn't hide the fact that his dick feels great while Derek works it with both his mouth and ass. Further, while there are clearly times he's not entirely sure what to do with his hands (that's always something I get a kick out of seeing during a straight stud's first time - they never quite know where to put their hands or what to touch!), there are other times he places them on Derek's ripped body and seems truly intrigued by how that feels.

I was totally caught off guard when, while on his back with Derek riding his cock, Cole even reached up and around to grab Derek's dick and give it a few quick strokes! I have no idea what was going through his head when he did that, but suspect that a big part of it was that he got more and more turned on as he saw just how turned on he was making Derek. Seeing how Derek would react to his dirty talk and even having

Derek talk back to him really seemed to just drive Cole on.

By the time they got on their sides with Cole fucking Derek from behind, I felt like I was filming an entirely different video than what I'd been filming during the first few minutes of their action together. From being a bit shy and unsure of what to do at the outset, Cole was now totally and completely into the action. He absolutely loved the fact that he was feeling good, as well as making someone else feel so good with his dick and his thrusts. As Derek shoots his load with Cole's cock deep inside him, Cole looks totally transfixed, mesmerized, and unbelievably turned on by it all. He ratchets up the dirty talk, and Derek responds in kind! He was a perfect match for Derek, as Derek seemed insanely turned on by it all even more so than usual!

Cole won me over and made me a fan during his solo, but he really sealed the deal with his first time here and I'm hoping like hell we get to see more of him soon!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Elijah's First Time (with Jared)

Elijah just keeps growing on me more and more each day. Granted, I liked him a lot the first time he came out to shoot with us and had already won me over with those looks, that body, that accent, and demeanor. But the more time I got to spend around him, the more fun and laughs we had.

As you may recall from Elijah's tag team video over on ACS with his brother Simon, there was a moment in the video where Simon was fucking the girl and then says to Elijah, "You want to take a schwak (sp?) at it?" It was all I could do to not crack up at that, and apparently Elijah and Simon couldn't refrain from laughing their heads off at it when they watched the video later on. While it was hot - seeing just how comfortable and easygoing they were in front of one another, how much fun they were having tag teaming a girl, and how they even had some lingo for the occasion - it was also just hilarious!

Ever since then, I've been using every opportunity to throw the word "schwak" at Elijah. I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it (nor is he, mind you!) but it looks about right. A guaranteed way to get a hearty, cute laugh out of Elijah nowadays is to say "schwak" around him - at dinner, "Are you gonna be taking a schwak at a salad or just skip right to the entree?"; in the morning, "I could take a schwak at some coffee right now!"; and before his scene here with Jared, where he fucks a guy for the very first time ever, "Gonna unleash the schwak attack? Schwak him like a schwak rabbit?"

Maybe it's more fun for us than it is to read it hehe. But the way in which Elijah approaches most any situation eager and ready to laugh and have fun with it is a huge part of why he's here with Jared, fucking a guy for the very first time, and clearly having so much fun at it. Elijah doesn't hesitate to moan and groan as Jared does things that make him feel good. While Jared is giving him head, he has no problem putting his hand on Jared's head to help guide him. In and of themselves, those aren't very profound acts. But in the context of a hot, young college stud's very first time with another man, they're a degree of interaction and reaction that we don't often see! Elijah loves sex, is comfortable with himself, knows what feels good, made up his mind that he was going to give this a shot, and so figured, "Why hold back once I got to it? Might as well make the most of it!" Schwak away!

Once Jared lowers himself onto Elijah's dick, and Elijah feels another guy's ass wrapped around his cock for the first time ever, both of these guys are having fun and feeling good. While we had plenty of requests for this pairing on account of each of these guys having longer, shaggy hair, it turns out they were compatible with one another for other reasons as well - Jared wanted Elijah to fuck him harder and faster, and asks him to do just that as he is riding Elijah, and Elijah was more than willing and able to oblige!

Jared really gets a royal fucking from Elijah while bent over doggy style, and Elijah is clearly loving the feel of another guy's ass. He fucks fast and hard, then slows down some to take it easy on Jared for a little while before resuming the fast-paced drilling. Dare I say it... he schwaks the heck out of Jared!

When it comes time for Elijah to blow his load, it's Jared's mouth and cock that get him off and seeing him writhe and whimper while he shoots his load into Jared's mouth was pretty hot! Likewise, watching Jared blow his own load while nursing Elijah's cock was pretty hot. As much as this vid is about Elijah's first time, Jared also shows himself to be quite the teacher and there's no doubt he made an impression upon Elijah!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Hayden's First Time (with Lucas)

It's been awhile since we were first introduced to Hayden here at CF. It's been such a long while, in fact, that I pretty much felt this video would never take place. Yet, here it is! Hayden's first time with another guy!

Hayden and Lucas make for a good pairing. They're both buff and muscular and are also both very confident and comfortable in most any situation. Compatible personalities are always key when it comes to a guy's first time with another guy, and Hayden and Lucas were certainly compatible with one another - so much so that it isn't long before Lucas' mouth has Hayden's dick rock hard and ready to get going!

I love filming a guy like Hayden during their first time. More than any kind of awkwardness or overwhelming nerves (though there must be some of those feelings, no doubt), guys like Hayden approach this entirely foreign situation with more of a, "What the hell? Might as well make the most of it!" kind of attitude. Rather than feeling a bit freaked out at the thought that they're experiencing a fair amount of physical pleasure with another guy, they're instead able to take that for what it's worth, have fun with that, and go with the flow. You can even see that approach at work in Hayden's facial expressions and body language as he realizes there's the prospect for some fun and physical pleasure here and embraces that.

Granted, Lucas giving Hayden's dick some royal treatment doesn't hurt! He spends plenty of time sucking Hayden's cock and getting him all worked up and ready. One of the hottest moments of this whole session, however, is when Lucas presents his own hard dick to Hayden's mouth and encourages him to take a shot at sucking another guy for the very first time. Hayden hesitates and can't help but laugh at the idea of it before finally giving in and trying it out. That they're in a 69 position with Lucas working over Hayden's dick at the other end didn't hurt ;)

After the hot and fun foreplay, it's time for straight stud Hayden to fuck a guy for the very first time, and Lucas sits down on his dick to break him in. At this point, it's obvious Hayden's feeling good and having himself a blast, and his facial expressions are priceless while he pumps Lucas' ass. Indeed, he looks like he's going to cum at any second while Lucas rides him!

Surprisingly enough, though, it's not Hayden that cums first despite those facial expressions! While bent over the bed, getting it from Hayden from behind, Lucas just can't hold out any longer and blows his load. Hayden looks like he can hardly believe Lucas must have been feeling so good as to blow his load so quick and suddenly like that. By the time Lucas pulls himself off of Hayden's dick, spins around, and takes it in his mouth, Hayden is firing off his own load into Lucas' mouth almost instantly!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Josh's First Time (with Travis)

While the title of this video is "Josh's First Time" and that is a pretty descriptive one seeing as it is indeed Josh's first time with a guy, I could almost get away with the equally accurate and descriptive title, "Battle of the Boyishly Charming", as these two are totally bursting with that charm. That title and description would cease to be the least bit accurate once the action here has begun, though, as the action here becomes some of the absolute hottest and most intense I've ever had the pleasure of capturing on camera.

To say that the requests to see blond, ripped, young and hung Josh in some guy/guy action has been coming in pretty steadily would be a tremendous understatement. When he appeared in his initial solo here at ACM, people were immediately calling to see him do more. When he appeared in his first action video over on ACS, that inspired even more interest in seeing him take a step further with a guy. When he appeared in his second video over on ACS, I almost had to go into hiding because people were certain they'd never get to see him with a guy and they were not at all happy about that!

I certainly wasn't content to have that be the extent of things, either, despite how hot those vids were. I spent quite a fair amount of time talking to him about giving it a shot and seeing if he'd be interested in trying it out at all. Whereas at the outset he was only interested in girls and more than eager to stick to doing scenes with them only, I think he ended up intrigued not just by the money, but by the prospect of a new and interesting experience itself.

Well, here he is and if there was ever anyone more suited to break Josh in and be his first all-male fuck, it's Travis! Don't let either of these guys innocent demeanors fool you - they are both horny and love sex and it shows here.

I suspect we'll have a few members that don't make it past the early part of this video where Travis leans into kiss Josh. Seeing Josh kiss another guy for the first time was hot enough, but they also make the act so damn cute between the two of them in the way Josh is clearly nervous about it, yet goes along, and Travis is ever his shy and quiet self, while at the same time obviously interested in and having fun with being the first guy to do all these things with Josh.

After the kissing and after Travis slowly undresses Josh and reveals more and more of his wonderfully ripped body, he gets down to sucking on Josh's cock and getting it as big and as hard as we have long known it's capable of getting! It wouldn't be any other way with Travis, as he occasionally pauses to make some funny or cute comment while at the same time totally loving what he's getting to do.

Eventually, it's time for these two to fuck and we know that taking on a big dick is something Travis is extremely good at. He's got Josh fully warmed up, rock hard, and ready and then these guys have another funny, albeit quick, exchange once it comes time for Travis to lower himself on to Josh's dick - and you know Travis could hardly wait for that moment! Seeing Travis' cock bounce up and down - fully hard and straining - while he rides Josh' big dick is a hot image for sure, but seeing Josh showing a bit of a smile and coming to the realization that it feels pretty good is also hot!

Travis is the perfect guy to break someone into topping, as he takes command and totally fucks himself on Josh's dick. Josh doesn't have to do much but lay back and enjoy the sensations, and he definitely enjoys them! He can't help but occasionally look down to see what it is that's making him feel so good.

Just how good did Josh's dick feel in Travis' ass? Just how great did Travis' ass feel wrapped around Josh's thick cock? Well, once Josh gets Travis bent over and starts fucking him from behind, things began working their way to something we've never seen before in all the hundreds upon hundreds of videos shot here at CF. With all the countless pairings and seemingly infinite number of times guys have gotten fucked here at CF, I'd thought I'd seen it all! But Josh and Travis had a surprise in store for me - and experienced something that was thoroughly surprising for both of them, as well!

While bent over the bed, getting drilled by Josh's big dick and moaning and groaning like wild, begging Josh to fuck him harder and blurting out "Oh my God!" over and over, Travis' cock is is so totally rock hard and Josh's dick is hitting all the right spots that Travis ends up blasting off what could be the biggest load I've ever seen him shoot - hands free and without touching himself!! I'm sorry but I can't imagine I'll get to say this much and have never gotten to say it before so... Hands free and without even touching himself!! He is completely and totally on cloud nine and looks like he could pass out at any second as he cums buckets, his load spraying all over the place as Josh fucks it out of him.

Could you blame Josh for having to fire off his own massive load immediately thereafter? Despite being totally overwhelmed by what just happened, Travis still eagerly whips himself around to place his mouth in front of Josh's dick the instant Josh pulls out and blasts his load into Travis' mouth, down his throat, and across his face. We know Josh can cum a ton and shoot far, and Travis couldn't have been happier with that!

I can only imagine just how great that fuck felt for Travis, and what a huge impression it must have made upon Josh to see that his actions and dick could do that to another guy! Thankfully, I know longer have to imagine what it's like to film as we captured CF's first ever hands free cumshot!

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Troy's First Time (with Travis)

Hot-bodied young diver, Troy, is back! This time around, he's taking a shot at some action with another guy for the first time ever, as he fucks Travis! We all know this is going to be as much about seeing Troy have his first sexual experience with another guy as it is about seeing Travis break a new guy in, and it's a hot one on both accounts!

The thought that I'd waited so long to get to film Troy in the first place, having been in touch with him for months before he was finally able to make it out to film a video with us, gave this one particularly special meaning for me. Just getting to film him at all was such a pleasure in and of itself. That he agreed to try fucking another guy was almost too much!

I think Travis genuinely gets some real pleasure out of knowing he's the first to do certain things with guys, and you can even see it in the way he asks certain questions, along with how he reacts when the guys answer. In this case, when asking Troy, "So you've never even been touched by a guy?", it's as if Travis is eagerly anticipating that "No" answer as much as he is the action that follows. Likewise, confirming Troy's never kissed another guy before just makes it that much more fun for Travis as he leans into make out with Troy and alter that question's answer forever!

Laying back on the bed, his ripped chest looking hotter than ever, Troy's rockhard dick is soon being expertly sucked by Travis, and you can tell Troy is liking every second of it. Travis uses every single technique he can think of - deepthroating, licking Troy's balls, teasing all around the head and shaft, alternating between fast and slow, among others - and it's clearly having quite the impact on Troy. He went from initially being a bit unsure of where to look and a bit uncomfortable with too much eye contact with Travis to being totally fixated on what another guy was doing to his dick and how he was making him feel.

By the time it was Troy's turn to get Travis' dick presented to him, he doesn't hesitate to stroke and suck and do his utmost to make Travis feel as good as he'd just been made to feel. As much as we all know Travis was looking forward to getting fucked, he was clearly really enjoying having Troy suck him, as well, pumping his hips a bit, sliding his dick across Troy's lips, and giving him some words of encouragement.

Soon, Troy has Travis bent over the side of the bed and is sliding his dick into his hole. Just as he was while first getting sucked by Travis, Troy shows an initial bit of hesitation. The guys often do, in fact! Likely assuming he needs to take it slow and easy on Travis - and getting used to such a new sensation himself! - he holds back from pumping too hard. All of a sudden, though, that changes. His pumps get harder, and the sound of flesh slapping flesh gets louder.

"You like that?!", Travis moans a couple times. To be honest, I wasn't sure if he was speaking to Troy or to himself!

Switching positions, the guys find themselves with Troy on his back, fucking up into Travis. Travis is a particularly hot guy to have in this position as you get to see his big dick bouncing around and swaying back and forth.

"Grab my dick!", he urges Troy, who does just that. Fucking up into Travis, Troy reaches around to stroke Travis' rockhard dick and jerk him off. That's all too much for Travis, as he erupts in a literal geyser of cum that shoots up into the air and lands all over his chest, abs, the bedspread, and goodness knows where else!

After Travis' load makes such a huge mess, Troy keeps things clean and simple with his own - shooting his load directly into Travis' eager mouth! ;)

Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Corbin Fisher CORBIN FISHER'S FRESHMAN CLASS, Corbin Fisher, Cole, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Hayden, Lucas, Josh, Travis, Troy, Zeke, Jeff
Zeke's First Time (with Jeff)

Zeke generated a great deal of enthusiasm among CF fans when we introduced him a short while back. It's not hard to see why - those piercing blue eyes, defined and tight body, deep voice, and big dick are all a great deal of fun to look at!

Whether we were going to see him in any action with another guy was very much up in the air, though. I'd talked to him about the idea of doing a vid with another guy, and he caught me off-guard by how chilly his response was. He wasn't freaked out by the idea, nor was he super excited about how much money I was willing to offer him to give it a shot. Indeed, his reaction to the offer was almost impossible to read! He said he'd consider it for awhile and I really had no clue which way he was leaning as he thought about it. I assumed it was a lost cause and was terribly disappointed at the thought we might not get to see this stud in action with another CF guy.

When Zeke finally did decide to give it a go and tell me, he was just as hard to read at that point. He so matter-of-factly said, "OK" that I stood there for a second thinking he was going to say more. "OK, no thanks"?! "OK, I'll do it"?! Which was it?! That was it, though. "OK."

"OK... yes?" I asked.

"Ya", he responded.

Well... OK!! :)

He was willing to give it a shot, and I was eager to make it happen! I never even really considered anyone other than Jeff to be the one to break Zeke in! Zeke has himself a nice, big, curved dick and Jeff has proven himself to be quite skilled at getting fucked - it's clear he enjoys how it feels and his facial expressions (along with the noises he makes while it's happening!) are just too hot. So the prospect of seeing Jeff take on Zeke's big dick and see how Zeke would react to another guy as good looking and as masculine as he is so thoroughly enjoying being on the receiving end of his dick was too good to pass up.

At the outset of this video, you can see how Zeke is a man of few words, yet with a pair of bright blue eyes that often clue you into what's going on in his head. Though he was obviously a bit shy and nervous, his eyes show a bit of playfulness and inquisitiveness. It was like he couldn't help but wonder how it was going to be, as well as getting a kick out of the fact that it was happening at all.

I was definitely getting quite the kick out of it all, as well, and was having a blast capturing it all on camera!

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