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The Hungover


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Studio: Cobra Video
Product Code  
Run Time: 150
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Bryan Kocis
Cast: Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Year Produced: 2006
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10 HOT Cobraboyz. 21 creamy loads. Director's cut -- over 2.5 hours! Enjoy the only all-bareback video with multiple loads in EVERY scene -- only from Cobraboyz. Hot hardcore action between hot twinks like Brent Corrigan and Connor Ashton will have you creaming for miles!

Product Scenes

Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Connor & Kenny

Connor and Kenny are kneeling on their bed kissing. Their shirts come off quickly and Connor licks Kenny's chest. Connor lays back on the bed and Kenny gets to do some licking himself. The boys kiss and their shorts come off exposing Connor's very hard, very long surprise. Kenny licks and sucks on Connor, then straddles over Connor's face. Connor reaches around to squeeze Kenny's firm ass and licks his balls and sucks his rock hard cock. Connor continues to suck him, harder and harder until Kenny can't hold out anymore and blasts (one of the biggest creams in the video) into his mouth and covers his face. Connor loves it and slurps down his juice. Now it's Connor's turn and Kenny goes down and sucks him off and Connor squirts his cream on Kenny's face. Kenny comes up for a kiss and Connor laps his cream from Kenny's chin. Connor then bends Kenny over on his knees, and rims the boy till he groans. Connor pulls out the lube and greases up his big tool then sticks it into Kenny. Kenny hasn't bottomed in nearly 6 months and pulls back in pain. Connor works it in deeper and deeper, and Kenny's groans keep getting louder and louder. Pleasure or pain? You'll have to decide. Connor pulls out and gives Kenny a more comfortable position, laying the smooth bottomboy over his chest and pumping in and out of him until Kenny creams for his second time. Connor makes his way down to lick up the cream. Now Connor puts Kenny back up on his knees, and pounds him. The boy is very vocal once again and keeps begging for more. He is eventually pumped down to lay on the bed and while moaning and groaning, Connor pulls out just in time to cream on that once tight hole. Connor finishes by licking up some of his own cream.

Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Nate & DJ

Nate and DJ are cuddling, awaking from there sleep together in bed. DJ pulls the cover down to expose Nate's morning wood and they kiss passionately. DJ pushes away the covers completely and strokes and sucks his mornings' prize. Nate grabs the back of DJ's head and makes him suck deeper and deeper. DJ tries to swallow the whole shaft, but it's to thick. The boys kiss and Nate starts licking and blowing DJ until he ends up over him in a 69 position. Both suck, then rim each other, then Nate twists upright over DJ and make him suck and lick Nate's fat cock until Nate spews his cream into DJ's gagging throat. Nate rubs his cock head around DJ's cumm covered lips and takes his finger to feed him the left over cream. Nate feels how hard that has made DJ, and Nate sits back on his rock hard cock, riding up and down. Nate is doing most of the work and finally DJ cant hold out and rams him hard, dumping his creamy load deep inside. Nate lifts off DJ's cock and lets the creammy mess seep out onto DJ's cock. Nate is still hard after riding so long, and gets behind DJ and pierces his small butt with his fat rod. DJ pulls back groaning, and Nate holds him tightly as they kiss and Nate pumps harder and harder. DJ is about to cumm and asks Nate to take his load. Still inside him, Nate positions DJ and sucks his cream out from the boy's stiff cock. Nate then licks up his belly and the two boys kiss. Nate isn't finished and as he bites on DJs chest and nipple, he keeps pounding DJ until he barely gets his cock out to cumm all over DJs balls, then puts it back in to pump a bit more. They fall together and rest contently.

Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Lance, Corey & Trevor

Lance, Corey and Trevor are on the couch watching TV. they are goofing around, chiding each other on, and finally Lance tells Trevor to shut up. Trevor responds "Suck my dick" . Lance thinks he's calling his bluff but Trevor whips it out and Corey tells Lance he has to take it. Soon both Corey and Lance are sucking, and Trevor leans back and enjoys as his full 10 inches is pumped up. They all get their clothes off and Lance gets on his knees, Corey straddles over Trevor's face and while getting sucked by Trevor, Lance sucks the thick 10 incher and fingers Corey's hole. Lance rimms Corey and then Corey goes to the side as Trevor explodes his first load on Lances tongue and face. Lance licks up the droplets left on Trevor's head. Corey then stands over Lance pulling his head back and jacks till his creamy load spurts into Lance's awaiting mouth. Corey rubs his cumm covered head over Lance's lips. Corey them bends Lance over with his butt in the air. Lance sucks on Trevor again and gets rimmed and fingered by Corey. While still blowing Trevor, Corey mounts Lance and fucks him. Lance then bends Corey over and slides his cock into Corey's hole, Corey now seems to love to bottom. Trevor comes up behind Lance and the train begins as the boys all become locked together. They pump and Trevor pulls Lance's long curly locks and they all grind together. Lance asks the guys to "switch it up" and Lance lays belly up on the couch, and Corey sits over him on the top of the couch while Trevor shoves his big cock inside Lances poor little pink boy hole. This is where Lance gets loud as he gets pounded and demands Trevor to fuck him harder. Lance reaches up and starts fingering Corey's hole, first one finger then two. I just let the action go and through the next 10 min, Trevor pounds Lance and it seems like Corey was riding up and down, fucking Lance's whole hand. Trevor pulls out and blasts his cream on Lance's very red hole, then shoves it back in and pumps telling Lance he wants to see him cum. Lance (still fingering Corey) produces the BIGGEST cream I have ever seen him shoot, and covers his chest, as well as Corey's leg. Corey bends down to dump another load of cream into Lances neck and open mouth, then Corey gets down to lick it up a bit and kisses Lance. The boys fall together exhausted.

Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Tyler & Cameron

Tyler brings Cameron into his bedroom. Tyler has a deep masculine voice (he doesn't have much experience with boys) and pushes Cameron up onto his bed. They kiss and strip each others shirts off, licking and nibbling each others chest. Tyler pushes over Cameron aggressively and strips off his shorts then pins and kisses the boy, and works his way down to his tight precumm stains briefs, licking and biting on Cameron's thick cock. He pulls off the boys briefs and starts using his stud pierced tongue to massage then suck Cameron's head. Tyler gets back in a seated position and Cameron pulls off his underwear and starts sucking him. He licks and sucks Tyler hard, Tyler's face shows how he enjoys this cute boys tongue. Cameron sucks and jacks harder and harder till he licks up the big white pool of cream as his prize. Still having creamy lips, the boys kiss and Tyler puts Cameron on his back and gets Cameron's thick shaft down as deep as he can. He sucks and sucks until Cameron is wriggling with pleasure, about to cum. Cameron creams in Tyler's mouth and Tyler licks it up, then kisses Cameron again. Tyler rolls Cameron over and rimms him, then tells him he wants to fuck him. Tyler lays back and Cameron rides on him, Tyler jacking him as they kiss. Tyler puts Cameron on his side and pumps him until he cant take anymore and Cameron creams all over his belly. Tyler gets down and laps up the cream, coming up to kiss Cameron. they snowball and then Tyler is pumping again, and just gets it out in time to shoot his cream over Cameron's sack.

Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Cobra Video CREAM BBOYS, Bryan Kocis, Connor Ashton, Brent Corrigan, Corey Savage, Lance Evans, Trevor, Nate, Cameron, Tyler, Kenn, DJ
Connor Ashton & Brent Corrigan

Now for the most anticipated scene of 2005/2006, (filmed in December 2004) our Cream BBoys star Connor Ashton comes into the house to find Brent Corrigan laying in just his shorts, watching TV. The boys talk until Connor discovers a not-so-well-hidden dildo in the couch cushions. Embarrassed, Brent grabs at it and the boys wrestle, Connor pinning down Brent and they kiss. Connor works down Brent's chest and unbuttons his fly, Brent's long dick pops out and Connor licks and sucks the shaft. Brent pushes Connor back and pulls off his shirt, then his own shorts and straddles over Connor's lap. Brent grinds his cock on Connor's chest and pushes his butt out to show off his new star tattoo. He grinds and kisses and makes his way down to the floor, stripping open Connor's shorts and pulling open his underwear exposing Connor's long fat cock. Brent licks his balls then stuffs his thick shaft all the way, showing how he can now deep throat without gagging. Brent then straddles over Connor again and has him suck him, lick his balls and he reaches around to jack his cock. Connor stands and Brent is on his knees, jacking his own cock and deep throating Connor's 9 incher. He swallows it so deep it looks like it should come out the back of his head and Connor groans, loving his cock fully swallowed. Connor pulls out and jacks a bit to squirt his cream deep down Brent's throat and onto his face and rubs his cream covered head over his lips and face.. Connor bends Brent over the couch and rimms him, sticking his tongue deep inside. He asks Brent if he really want that dildo and pulls Brent's ass up on the arm of the couch. He lubes the huge dildo and as he pumps it in and out of Brent's hole, he sucks the cream from Brent's dick, spilling on his tongue, then Connor laps up the last drop from his belly. Connor isn't done and puts Brent on the floor doggy style. He gets over him and rubs his cock over his wanting hole. Even though Brent can take two at a time, he lets out a gasp as Connor drives his thick tool deep inside him. Then (in a first since Every Poolboy's Dream) they get up and Connor is bent over the couch, and Brent holds him tight and slides his cock into Connor's tight hole. Brent pounds away and precumm drips from Connor's head. Connor then takes control again, putting Brent on his back and slides it in. Connor slams him as Brent begs to be pounded harder and filled up. Connor keeps pounding until Brent creams on his tummy and he bends down to lick up the cream. He rams his cock back in and pounds Brent pulling out in time to squirt on his leg and sack. Connor gets down and tastes a little of his own cream to finish this one of a kind production.

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  • Author: Unbelievable!
    This is one of the most cum-filled movies I have seen in quite some time. It has some of the biggest cocks ever too! Keep it cumming!
  • Author: Loved It!!!
    I must say i havent seen a good cum shot to the ass in a long time, but you guys sure fulfilled that!! These boys are dead sexy! Thanks cobra!!
  • Author: Fucking hot boys
    Scene 1 is average but scene 2 is good and the last 3 are fucking hot beautiful boys naked smooth and fucking and sucking with gusto, FUCKING BEAUTYFUL BOYS!!!!
  • Author: COBRA.....
    May want to say that Connor Ashton & Brent Corrigan are the stars of this video (they are great), but that is unfair to the rest of the cast. This video is the single hottest video I,ve seen. The entire cast is HOT, HOT, HOT. This is the most CUM I have ever seen and most of it is swallowed, not drooled out like usual. There is a lot of rimming, guys jerking other guys off, plenty of fucking, kissing and even a cum shot inside the ass, which was squeezed out!! Thanks COBRA and keep up the great work. This is the best one yet and that is saying something. I just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Author: Totally Hot!
    Awesome lovemaking and even hotter, messy sex...the best Cobra offering to date!
  • Author: cum,cum,cum
    this is why u suck cock for a load to fill your mouth and enjoy. Some of the best cocksucking I've seen in a long while.
    Cobra this is by far the best.......tu

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