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Studio: Next Door Studios
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Run Time: 120
Audio: Live Sound
DVD Extras: Chapter Index and Slide Show
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Ryan tells us that he watches lots of movies, roller blades, and enjoys “anything active.” Based on his performance here, his activities obviously include lots of stroking that dick. Gorgyn openly admits that he’s “not a real big guy.” When we meet this self-described “pretty boy” and “top,” with an unfortunate retro haircut. Robert is a long-haired 22-year-old straight dude who moved to Canada from Slovakia when he was a boy. He likes high school girls in stockings. Hmmm. We meet Marco mid-stroke session. He’s a hairy boy with a toy: a substantial condomized dildo. Tank is a beefy wholesome-looking straight stud who likes lifting weights, “to look good for the ladies.” He likes having sex with gorgeous women with nice tits and ass. Now there’s a surprise. Thomas is an original, with a pony-tail and a rather savagely pierced lip and tongue. He’s lean and smooth and horny, with a decidedly different look and a distinctive style. Drake win you over with his incredible All-American good looks and his obvious athleticism.

Product Scenes

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

During his brief introductory interview, Ryan tells us that he watches lots of movies, roller blades, and enjoys “anything active.” Based on his performance here, his activities obviously include lots of stroking that dick. Although he looks and sounds a little dorky during the brief interview, Ryan seems more comfortable and confident, and a lot less dorky and more sexy, when he settles into his stroke session on a black leather couch. His dark eyes remain riveted on his offscreen porn as he strokes with generous lubrication. He’s a smooth, lean dude with a cock-teasing trail leading straight to his own very, very solid dick. Ryan strokes steadily and patiently, favoring left-handed and full five-finger-grips, never forgetting to attend to his hefty nutsack. His dick gets EXTREMELY hard and thick, revealing a slight upward curvature. Within about five minutes or so, Ryan squirts a respectable load. His dick stays hard. We get to see him squirt again in slow motion. Pace yourself.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,
Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

At 5’7”, Gorgyn openly admits that he’s “not a real big guy.” When we meet this self-described “pretty boy” and “top,” with an unfortunate retro haircut (including left-sided part), he tells us some not-so-clear story about himself and Justin on Queer as Folk. He’s cocky, flirtatious, and quick to take matters into his own hands. As he gets comfortable on the black leather couch, we can assess his smooth body, accented by a thick trail (he probably trims his hairy stomach) and his sturdy six-incher (maybe seven inches, with the right partner, on a good night). Where Ryan curves up, Gorgyn curves down. It’s called symmetry, I think. For the first few minutes of this hot session, Gorgyn indulges in a lot of highly self-conscious, mildly annoying posing. He stands and thrusts his hips while stroking that dick of his with two hands and showing off a hairy ass and hairy balls. “O yeah. O yeah. O yeah,” he grunts in a whisper. When a well-timed editor’s cut moves the session along, we find Gorgyn rolling around on a bed and much, much, much sexier than when he was trying so hard to please us. He literally lets his hair down. His tousled, messy hair signals a change in attitude: now he’s trying hard to please himself. Fuck the rest of us. (You wish.) He licks his upper arm while stroking that dick. He spreads his legs wide while stroking. He arches his back and writhes while stroking He breathes heavily while stroking. And the camera follows him nicely and the editor keeps the pace intense. When Gorgyn shows off his hairy ass again, you’ll be thinking how much fun it would be to fuck this pretty boy top. When Gorgyn’s stroking gets incredibly intense, his cock gets surprisingly wide. And when he spreads his legs even further and inserts a finger in his own hairy ass, you’ll wanna be there. Standing again for leverage, Gorgyn falls back against the bed, spurting thick cream. He’s pretty proud of himself and flashes his winning pretty boy smile.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

Robert is a long-haired 22-year-old straight dude who moved to Canada from Slovakia when he was a boy.
He likes high school girls in stockings. Hmmm. You’ll probably like his white socks. Watching very noisy straight porn, Robert strokes casually, lazily, intermittently, never throwing full wood into the game. In many ways, he’s pretty much the opposite of Gorgyn: definitely NOT a show off. Yet here he is! He’s lean and lanky and interesting to watch. Some of us might find him hotter with shorter hair; but some will like how his shoulder-length-tresses set off his lean torso. His build is definitely above average, though his dick is pretty average. Robert is at his best in full profile. When a phone rings loudly, Robert spills a juicy load.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

We meet Marco mid-stroke session. He’s a hairy boy with a toy: a substantial condomized dildo. He also has both video and mags for inspiration. Let’s be honest: he looks pretty average and doesn’t show much personality. (Maybe Gorgyn could coach him.) As he gets a little harder, however, his dick starts to look invitingly meaty. He works hard at trying to get hard, holding himself at the base with one hand while stroking with the other. The sympathetic director whispers lots of encouragement: “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” It seems to work. Marco’s personality cums out with his cum: grunting “o fuck!” our average hairy boy pumps out a surprisingly messy load of jism.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,
Westy Tank

Tank is a beefy wholesome-looking straight stud who likes lifting weights, “to look good for the ladies.” He likes having sex with gorgeous women with nice tits and ass. Now there’s a surprise. Did I mention that Tank himself has nice tits, I mean pecs, and ass? “I like girls to play with my ass a little bit,” he admits. Now we are getting someplace. But before we return to that little tidbit about Tank’s ass, I have to point out that this open-faced muscle boy has a surprising gift: Tank can simply bend over and wrap his tongue around his dick, which he does with obvious proficiency and pleasure. What makes this so remarkable is that this stud has a dick of decidedly average length and has an incredibly thick neck and torso. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s fuckin’ hot. What happens next is also hot, though, given his earlier comment about ass play, not such a complete surprise: Tank brings out a smallish vibrating dildo, neatly sheathed in a condom and inserts it in his own ass. Even though he never takes more than an inch or so, he obviously enjoys it. When Tank tugs on his dick while probing the edges of his hole with the vibrator, his balls climb up inside his body. The director is excited; we hear him announce: “I’m gonna cum in my pants, man.” Fortunately, for us, the director pulls himself together and positions the camera over Tank’s muscular frame so that we have a great view when he leans back against the wall and strokes his dick left-handed. Breathing heavily, Tank, considerately, asks his director, “Ready?” before squeezing out a smallish, but obviously satisfying, nut. We’re left with a hot image of his semi-hard dick. He’ll be back.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

No two of these stroking dudes look alike. They are not all cut from the same mold. Thomas is an original, with a pony-tail and a rather savagely pierced lip and tongue. He’s lean and smooth and horny, with a decidedly different look and a distinctive style. He has a very solid cock—could be 7.5—and works it energetically and expressively. He’s shaved, with only the sexiest hint of a bush and trail. Thomas has a special knack for “edging.” That is, several times he strokes that dick until he seems on the edge of cumming, only to stop, catch his breath, and keep going. The camera manages to follow him and to zoom in and out at the right moments and at the right angle. Thomas gets red in the face as he gets hornier and hornier. He grabs onto the sheet with his left hand while stroking with his right. Then he grabs unto the top of the headboard with his left hand for leverage and keeps stroking with his right for power. Just when you might start to think that the editor should step in with a timely cut or that at least the camera should move around a bit more, your patience is rewarded with a welcome zoom into a close-up of Thomas stroking that dick and then pulling back and zooming in again, you think for the money shot, which, again, doesn’t happen. Thomas gets more serious about pushing himself over the edge when he gets on his knees on the floor and gets closer to his porn. Squatting with his knees spread wide open, Thomas drops his load on the floor, a welcome release that is enhanced in slow motion replay.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,
Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,

Drake is the break out star of this stroke fest. Trust me. Sure, Gorgyn and Tank have their charms and will, deservedly, have their admirers. But it’s Drake who has star power. He’ll win you over with his incredible All-American (or should I say “All-Canadian”?) good looks and his obvious athleticism. He looks like the star first baseman of your college baseball team. “I haven’t jerked off in days,” Drake announces. The director is very eager to change that, instructing Drake to strip and get into it. So Drake strips and gets into it, revealing a lean and athletic build and a probable 8-inch dick, with matching balls. Posing for some still pics, Drake asks, “Are all the guys like me?” Whatever that means. Straight and shy and horny, I think. “Fuck, I didn’t even wanna do this at first,’ Drake admits in a convincingly butch way, confirming his butchness by observing of the porn playing in the background: “Fuck, that guy’s fucking some nice pussy.” I just bet he is. When the director admits that he’s got a hardon, Drake says, convincingly, in a not unfriendly way, “I don’t give a shit.” We get a beautiful close-up of this stud’s awesome face and steel blue eyes before the real show begins. Did I mention Drake’s obvious athleticism? He demonstrates it by crossing his ankles behind his head and sucking the knob of his own dick while stroking the shaft. Wow. Drake admits that he gets “weirded out” showing off this special talent. But he gets over it. The director admits that it really, really makes him horny. It’s got to hurt to curl yourself into a human pretzel, and Drake doesn’t really do it any longer than necessary to prove that he can. That turns out to be okay because the sexiest thing about this dude may be his face. Or his attitude. Sure, he’s got a great jock bod. Sure, he’s got a great jock cock. Sure, he’s got a rare gift for tooting his own trombone. Sure, he’s got the attitude of a team captain or frat prez. But those lips. Those eyes. Business-like, Drake controls his porn, frequently fast-forwarding to find the necessary inspiration. He jacks like the jock that he is, easily switching hands. The director manages to keep himself enough under control to give us spectacular shots of Drake’s face, body, and dick. This is the most loving and confident camera work of the video. Drake deserves that respect. If it was hot to see a straight dude suck himself, it’s hotter still to see him jack off with more natural athletic grace and prowess, without contortions. In the end, the head of Drake’s dick puffs up into an impressive helmet and spews thick jock goo. Yes, there’s a satisfying instant replay in slo mo. Yes, Drake keeps stroking as if he could go another round. But the director makes him pose for some still photos of his golden goo, which seems to weird out Drake, though he plays along like the good sport he is.

Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,
Next Door Studios STROKE THAT DICK!, ,
Westy Tank Returns

You may remember that we left Tank with a semi. Here he cums back for an encore. When he rolls around on the bed, we get to see some elaborate tattoos on his shoulders for the first time. We also get to see Tank play with his favorite vibrating toy again. We get to see him try to bone up that semi. Which takes a while. The good vibrations seem to help. This time Tank tries some original techniques, using the vibrator on his balls and shaft and helmet head. When he returns the toy to its nesting place in his ass, he gets more physical about his stroking and bites his lower lip. Although he doesn’t really bone up, he obviously likes the vibrating sensations on the underbelly of his cock. He seems to have more toys, including a long pink dildo, handy on a nearby table, but he doesn’t bring them into the sandbox. He does try one new toy, however, a pink cock sleeve that apparently feels like pussy. He likes it. We get some juicy close-ups. And Tank gets more of a boner. Standing up, he pounds. The director, wisely, gets on his knees to look up past Tank’s tree trunk legs to his solid dick. Kneeling on the bed, Tank reinserts his dick in the fake pussy sleeve, gets pretty boned up, and drops a very, very thick and messy load on his blue sheets. This all looks especially hot in slow motion. And Tank looks relieved. How about you? You relieved? Well, stroke that dick.

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